Yonca Food successfully completed 2017 ANUGA!

We successfully completed the 2017 ANUGA food and beverage international fair. The fair took place in Cologne, Germany, on 7-11 October 2017. Turkey was one of the top five countries with the largest number of participants in the ANUGA where 7,405 companies from 107 countries participated. Italy 853, Germany 716, Spain 546, China 543 and our country was represented with 298 participants.

As Yonca Food, one of the important stakeholders of Turkish economy and of employment in the Aegean Region, we have presented our changing and evolving understanding to international visitors from all around the world.

Our Yonca Food Chairman of the Board Dr. Sait Cemal Turek emphasised our success for being ranked -every year- in the first 250th half in the  Turkey’s largest 500 Industrial Establishments (ISOs) from all sectors is a result of our continously-expanding product range, (ranging from edible oils, olive oils, roasted vegetables, pickles, canned vegetable-fruit, tomato paste and tomato products, ketchup-mayonnaise, dressings and sauces to dairy products),  our strong human resources, customer follow-ups after international fairs, and cross-marketing strategies. At the end of his talk, young entrepreneurs advised them to keep the focus on high concentration, target market, target customer and target products in the fairs.

After the fair, our managers have advanced our cooperation with leading brands of the world and have reached agreements for the start of new projects and we have signed important contracts with the leading food importers in Europe. All these exciting developments are promising and appreciated all of our stakeholders for the sake of our country, our region and our company.