Human Resources

Our human resources are our biggest investment!

Our company in parallel with the developed market, technology and human values, is a company where human power develops, individuals respecting work, environment and consequently themselves can be very happy to work for it, it is taken necessary measures because the probable problems are estimated before, it is evaluated to constitute a working environment that is far away from stress principally and it is given place for this purpose. For that reason first of all we have invested to our human resources since our founding, and believe that our continuous development will be with happy and successful personnel.

Our biggest happiness is increasing the number of employees working for a long time and existence of our employees whose working time goes until 25 years. We are very happy family and powerful together!

Our management principles of human resources

  • We have equal distance to everybody and cooperate without race, religion, ethnicity, and sex discrimination among our human resources.
  • We provide our employees a training in the matters of health, security, hygiene and natural disaster as well as their training for individual and occupational subjects.
  • We establish precautions and rules by taking measures about health and work security matters. We comply with those rules and encourage our employees to comply with them.
  • We present an healthy and trustworthy workplace environment for our employees, support them to carry forward their careers and we do progress plans for this reason.
  • We are aware of the importance of team working and we make an effort, support all our employees to drive them forward.

Our practices for high moral and motivation

As YONCA Food, we perform group focused activities, events and organizations in order to keep our employees motivation up and continuously report on their performances with our Human Resources Department.