Our Values

Our Main Values

  • Honesty,
  • Rightness,
  • Consistency,
  • Quality (which is our main value both for our products and services)
  • Customer Centricity,
  • Transparency,
  • Team Awareness,
  • Cost Consciousness, are main values of YONCA Food.

We obey and share the above main values with our shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and people-organizations that we have or had a business relationship.

YONCA Food sticks to the principles, such as respect for Human Rights and mutual interests, trust and profitability, in its all business processes. We perform our activities within the scope of current legal regulations, articles of association, internal arrangements, policies and rules that we have produced.


Our Rapport Principles to Laws

  • We work in conformity with laws and regulations.
  • We made applications of fee, annual leave, overtime, employee personal rights etc. of our employees in compatible with relevant laws and regulations.


Our Management Principles About Human Resources

  • We have equal distance to everybody and cooperate without race, religion, ethnicity, and sex discrimination among our human resources.
  • We provide our employees a training in the matters of health, security, hygiene and natural disaster as well as their training for individual and occupational subjects.
  • We establish precautions and rules by taking measures about health and work security matters. We comply with those rules and encourage our employees to comply with them.
  • We present an healthy and trustworthy workplace environment for our employees, support them to carry forward their careers and we do progress plans for this reason.
  • We are aware of the importance of team working and we make an effort, support all our employees to drive them forward.


Our Environmental and Social Responsibility for Protection

  • We support the projects or commitments to protect global environment and natural sources. We take precautions, encourage and support actions for that matter.
  • We support our employees to implement their social responsibilities, and establish an environment for them to participate in civic involvement projects of associations, foundations and public occupational organizations along wiht obtaining approval of the Board of Directors.


Our Business Ethic and Behaviours

  • We base on understanding of mutual trust, respect and cooperation in relationships among employees.
  • We protect confidential and private informations of our customers, suppliers, organizations and employees.
  • We neither cooperate nor participate with any organizations and establishments whom are not complying with regulations and laws and not having rightness and honesty as their main values.
  • Our employees do not disclose any confidential information and not open for public information about the company and cannot use it for them and for others.
  • Political, social and religious opinions are not expressed and discussed in our working environment.
  • We are opposed to unfair competition. We do not denigrate our competitors and do not advertise deceptively.
  • We follow our words and contracts that we have concluded.
  • We expect our partners, providing goods and services to us, to understand the principles of work ethics and behave according to them.


Archive and Information Resources

  • Rightness and transparency are basic principles of YONCA Food in all performed businesses.
  • All records are kept and preserved truly and consistently.


By observing our basic values, our management and employees undertake to perform their duties in order to preserve the reputation of YONCA Food in our every business processes.