Our Values

Main Values of Yonca Food:

  • Honesty,
  • Integrity,
  • Consistency,
  • Quality (which is our main value both for our products and services)
  • Customer Oriented,
  • Transparency,
  • Team Awareness,
  • Cost Consciousness


We make no compromises of our main values when we work with our shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers.
In all our business processes we look after Human Rights, mutual benefits, and profitability. We always perform our activities within the scope of current legal regulations, our principle of agreement, internal arrangement, policies and rules that we have produced.


Our Rapport Principles to Laws

  • We work in conformity with laws and regulations.
  • We make applications of fee, annual leave, overtime, employee personal rights, etc. of our employee’s incompatible with relevant laws and regulations.


Our Management Principles About Human Resources

  • We treat all people fairly, regardless of national origin, race, religion, sex and offer equal access to employment opportunities.
  • As Yonca team, we strive to make a positive impact on the communities we serve and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in conducting our business.
  • Securing health and welfare of our employees is an important priority for us.
  • We take precautionary measures for workplace health and safety and provide training for our employees on health, safety, hygiene and natural disasters.
  • We support personal and occupational development of our employees.
  • We implement a fair performance appraisal system to ensure continuous development of our employees.
  • We strive to build a positive work environment in order to improve employee happiness and engagement.
  • We improve our internal communications in order to create a company culture built on trust, teamwork and collaboration.


Our Environmental and Social Responsibility for Protection

  • We support the projects or commitments to protect the global environment and natural sources.
  • We take precautions, encourage and support actions for that matter.


  • We support our employees to work on social responsibility projects and establish an environment for them to participate in volunteer involvement projects with associations, foundations, and public occupational organizations by obtaining approval of the Board of Directors.


Our Business Ethic and Behaviours

  • We hold an understanding of mutual trust, respect and cooperation in relationships among employees.
  • We protect confidential and private information of our customers, suppliers, organizations, and employees.
  • We do not cooperate or participate with any organization or establishment which is not complying with regulations and laws and we do not work with those who do not have integrity and honesty as their main value.
  • Our employees do not disclose any confidential information and cannot state public information about the company and cannot use it for them and others.
  • Political, social and religious opinions are not expressed and discussed in our working environment.
  • We are opposed to unfair competition. We do not denigrate our competitors and do not advertise deceptively.
  • We follow our words and contracts that we have concluded.
  • We expect our partners who are providing goods and services to us, to understand the principles of our work ethics and behave according to them.


Archive and Information Resources

  • Integrity and transparency are basic principles of all businesses of YONCA Food.
  • All records are kept and preserved truly and consistently.


Our management and employees undertake to perform their duties to preserve the reputation of YONCA Food in our every business process, by complying to our basic values.