Founder: Hasan Türek

Honorary Chairman Hasan TÜREK (1926-2005)

He was born in 1926 in Manisa. Hasan Türek, one doyen of industry of Manisa, has continued his business life until 79 years old as Honorary Chairman of Türek Company Group which he has been started with apprenticeship.

Hasan Türek has became Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of Manisa during 1964 -1965 years; then he has undertaken the Presidency of Manisa Chamber of Commerce in 1965. He has continued this duty for seven years until 1972 with honor. Efforts for establishment of Organized Industrial Zone which has been started in 1965 in Manisa has taken an important place in the agenda of Manisa Chamber of Commerce under the management of Hasan Türek. The committee established within the organization and Chamber of Commerce and conducting entire work for establishment of Organized Industrial Zone was again headed by Hasan Türek. Hasan Türek, maintaining the construction of Organized Industrial Zone under difficult conditions in his capacity as President of Board of Director on one side has also continued the operations of Chamber of Commerce as he was acting as President of Chamber.

Hasan Türek has taken Presidency of Board of Directors of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone upon selection by members in 1966 and he continued in this position uninterruptedly for 28 years until 1994.

Establishment of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone has been the biggest ideal for Hasan Türek. However, as a businessman he also planned to build of factory in this industrial zone. Hence, in 1969 he has established Manisa Feed factory with 112 shareholders in Organized Industrial Zone and opened new perspective in the city he has grown since there has been not many joint stock companies in the region at that time.

After starting operations of feed factory, he has entered into oil sector since it is closely related with feed sector and established Ege Yağ San. ve Tic. A.Ş., in 1981 year creating Yonca Gıda San. AŞ., which is one of the valuable companies of our country.

Türek has contributed both economy of country as well as to Manisa by making new investments rather than investing for personal purposes with the gains as a result of his successes.

Hasan Türek, benefactor businessman, believing that success can only be achieved via education, have had the best modern lyceum of Manisa in 2003 and when he was handing over the school to Ministry of Education he has stated “We will continue to transfer our gains with production to youth by enhancing quality of education”.

He had donated eleven thousand square meters of land he had purchased to the university on which Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences will be build in Manisa under the umbrella of Dokuz Eylül University. These contributions had been developed as the basis of Celal Bayar University in the following years. Hasan Türek has been the member of Management Board and Executive Committee of Higher Education Foundation of Celal Bayar University of Manisa where he has acted as one of the founders. He has also chaired the Association of Protection and Development of Celal Bayar University.

Türek had also ensured construction of up-to-date -technology- Coronary Intensive Care Unit in Research and Application Hospital of Celal Bayar University which he had previously granted to State Hospital of Manisa. Hasan Türek, benefactor businessman had also ensured construction of an additional polyclinic building to Moris Şinasi Children Hospital in the name of his wife Hikmet Türek in 2004 year.

In addition, businessman Hasan Türek, enabling Turkish Students to perform researches on cancer in Japan by providing bursary to them, had always suggested to the other businessman to experience the same honor and happiness with him. In this respect, Hasan Türek Foundation was established in Japan and Turkish students are performing post-graduate studies on cancer with the funds provided by the Foundation. The students will give the name Türek to the genes they have discovered then “Türek” genes will be introduced to scientific world.

Hasan TÜREK, duyen businessman and charitable human, had passed away in 30 March 2005; he was married and had three children, two girls and one boy.

We remember him with gratitude and respect.